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Data Management

We are helping our customers to model their organization correctly. With our 10 years of experience, we are ready to create sustainable processes to keep your data consistent, clean, and well-structured.

A great data model is characterized by its ability to accurately represent the real world, its simplicity, flexibility, scalability, and its ability to support complex queries and reporting requirements. It should also be designed to ensure data integrity and consistency, minimize redundancy, and support data security and privacy measures. Additionally, a great data model should be well-documented, easy to maintain and update, and align with the business objectives and goals of the organization.


Signs that Shows Your Datamodel is not Optimal

There are several signs that your data model may not be optimal. The most common signs are the following:

  • Slow Query Performance

  • Slow development of reports

  • Inconsistent data

  • Various metadata across different software applications.

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