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We are helping our customers to gain information from their data, accelerate planning and forecasting processes, and create workflows in order to ensure that the reports, forecasts, or budgets will never delay.

Jedox is a Business Intelligence and Performance Management software. It offers Financial Planning and Analysis capabilities, enabling companies to streamline their financial processes and gain valuable insights. With Jedox, users can integrate data from multiple sources, plan and forecast with accuracy, and create dynamic reports and dashboards.


Why We Work with Jedox?

  • Best Planning Tool​

    • Integrated write-back capability for easy planning.​

    • Top-down and bottom-up planning abilities.

    • In-built planning commands for instant allocations.

  • Integrated Database

    • Ability to collect data from multiple data sources.​

    • In-memory database for exceptional performance.

    • Easy data modeling.

  • ​MS Office Integration

    • Excel Add-in for to work directly with Jedox from excel.

    • Powerpoint Add-in to refresh data in your presentation with ease.

  • Quick Implementation

    • Excel like creation of reports​

    • Ready to go models that can kickstart your implementation


What Jedox Can Do for Your Organisation?

  • Collect your data from different sources.

  • Offer integrated planning for different business units.​

  • Accelerate the reporting and planning processes.

  • Create Business scenarios without effort.

  • Maintain Workflows to track the creation of budgets or reports.

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